Peranan Islam dalam Perjuangan Kemerdekaan dan Pembangunan Bangsa Kedepan

14 June 2011
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Title of Paper: The Role of Islam in Indonesia in The Struggle for Independence and Future Development

Author: Sayuti Hasiuan, Dept. of Economics ,Al Azhar University Indonesia

The article puts forward the idea that at the moment there seems to be no more doubt about the proper role of Islam in Indonesian develepment, specifically in substantive interpretation of the Pancasila and in providing guidance for its implementation. This is because the basic values of capitalism of individualism, materialism, freedom and positive scientific epistemology, implemented through the mixed socio-economic system have failed to realize the Indonesian vision of development as enunciated in her constitution. The discovery of the natural law of consistecy in socio-economic development provides a meaningful interpretation of the the failure and the way forward for implementing the Pancasila. Indonesia has to adopt the maqasid syariah as her main operational development objective. The development strategy has to actively promote this objective within the possibility of a managed market and the potentials therein. The state implementing apparatus like the People’s Consultative Assembly, the Parliament and the Government have to decide the operational meaning of maqasid syariah in a given period of time. The work content and thework culture of these implementing apparatus needs to be redefined. Structure needs changing. Process reengineering has to be undertaken. All this will require changes in certainclauses of the 1945 constitution.