Faza Fairuza Az-Zahra, Student of Psychology Al Azhar Indonesia University, Who Take Part In The Global Youth Forum 2012

27 April 2013
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Alhamdulillahirrabbil ’alamin. I was chosen as a volunteer for  “Global Youth Forum 2012”. The conference was held in Bali, Indonesia, from 4 to 6 December 2012 in the context of the review and follow up to the implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development beyond 2014 in order to produce recommended actions for the outcome report of the review and for the post -2015 United Nations development agenda, as well as to generate a new consensus on putting youth rights at the heart of development.

The conference was preceded by extensive interaction at national and global levels on the themes of staying healthy; comprehensive education; families, youth – rights and well -being, including sexuality; transition to decent work; and leadership and meaningful participation.

In this conference, I was assigned as the virtual communicator in the secretariat station. My duty was to read all of the recommendations from the youth around the world that really concern with some issues that putting youth-rights at the heart of development ( Staying healthy, comprehensive education, Families, Youth Rights, Well-being and Sexuality, The right to decent work, and leaderships). And after that, me and my team tried to filter all the recommendations to produce recommended actions for the outcome report of the review and for the post – 2015 United Nations development agenda. By that, I had a lot of new views about the living of youth in the world, especially who lives in injustice to get a comprehensive education, well-being and information about sexual & reproductive health. It’s really important for me, as a youth, to make a great strategy to develop the brightest future for the youth around the world.

So, this thing is one of the biggest achievement in my life. That was the first thing where I could meet, work together, and contribute for the youth around the world. That event gave remarkable and unforgetable memories for all of my life. Working with a solid team, gathering and making a good friendship with indonesian and foreign people, and not only being the witness of that event, but also becoming a part of a big movement to build a better youth future make me to be more alive than ever.

Faza Fairuza Az-Zahra (Fay)

Psikologi 2010

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