Seminar on Islamic Psychology (AISIP 2015) ” The Essence of Islamic Psychology”

29 September 2015
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Faculty of Psychology and Education, Universitas Al-Azhar Indonesia
Proudly Presents:

Al-Azhar International Seminar on Islamic Psychology (AISIP 2015)
” The Essence of Islamic Psychology”

Keynote Speaker:
1. Prof Robert Frager, Ph.D ( Founder ITP- USA)
2. Prof Dr Hj Nurhayati Djamas, MA., M.Si ( Research Professor – Indonesia)
*Moderator: Dini R Bintari, M.Psi

Monday, Oct. 19, 2015.
Start from 9 A.M
At  Arifin Panigoro Auditorium, 3rd Floor,  Universitas Al Azhar
Indonesia (UAI).

Call For Papers AISIP 2015

*Theme of Interest:
1. Concept&Aplication of Islamic Psychology
2. Experimental Method on Islamic Psychology
3. Basic Measurement & Construct of Sufism Psychology

* Paper Requirement:
– paper written in English in TNR 12, 1.5 space. Min 6 pages, Max 15 pages.
– The title should be written in TNR 14.
-The writer’s name is written below the title and it is included the
name of institution.
-Abstract is max 250 words in one space and included the key words below.
-Paper should be constructed in the following part:
– introduction
– review related literature
– methodology
– finding and discussion
– conclusion and suggestion
– references

▪Submit to email:

📌Important Dates:
–  Deadline Abstract & Full Paper Submission: Oct 3, 2015.
– Deadline of Payment: Oct 13, 2015.
– Notifications to authors: Oct 5Oct 10, 2015.
-Seminar&Presentation: Oct 19, 2015.

#Price List**
💳 Seminar& Call for paper : 500.000 IDR
💳 Seminar only / Call for paper only: 300.000 IDR
💳 UAI’s Student: 100.000 IDR
✅ Discount 20% for API member

✅ Kindly transfer to Bank Acc:
BCA. 0701-5501-61
a/n Emalia Sutiasasmita

*Price include: Seminar Kit, Lunch, certificate.

*contact person:
Eny Suwarni 08122396982
Rizqi Maulida 08569072205
Adjeng Puji 081283013921

Organized by:
Faculty of Psychology&Education, Universitas Al-Azhar Indonesia
Asosiasi Psikologi Islam (API) Jakarta

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