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KUI UAI’s Seminar Series: Joint Seminar With Taiwan Universities, ”Nurturing Excellence Through Collaboration”

KUI UAI’s Seminar Series: Joint Seminar with Taiwan Universities, ”Nurturing Excellence through Collaboration”

The joint seminar, which was held on August 9, 2022 starting at 10 AM Jakarta Time, is a special program organized by the Office of International Affairs of UAI, which this time focuses on the Taiwan area. According to the selected theme: “Nurturing Excellence Through Collaboration”, by inviting Asia University as a private campus representative and NTPU as a public campus representative in Taiwan, Office of International Affairs of UAI as the organizer of the event hopes that the participants can immediately get several points of view in terms of studying in Taiwan.

The event which was opened by Prof. Dr. Ir. Asep Saefuddin, M.Sc., as the Rector of UAI was attended by several participants, including UAI students who took part in the semester exchange program between UAI and Asia University (also known as “Virtual Exchange Program Spring Semester 2022 Asia University Taiwan”), faculty members of UAI, and other UAI officials.

After the welcome speech from Prof. Asep, the event was then continued with testimony from Aini Nur Rachimah Stirman, one of the 2020 UAI Electrical Engineering students who has finished participating in this virtual exchange program. In her testimony, Aini expressed her enthusiasm during the program, including the difficulties and benefits she experienced. Because of the many benefits she got, Aini’s testimony was ended by her encouragement so that other students could join this virtual exchange program.

Entering the core event, Mr. Akhmad Safik, S.E., M.H., L.L.M. Deputy Dean from the Faculty of Law UAI as the moderator welcomed the keynote speakers. The keynote speakers invited to the joint session of this seminar are: (1) Professor Yinghuei Chen, Dean of College of Humanities and Social Science Asia University Taiwan (AUT), (2) Dr. Shih, Hsuan-Chang, The Director of Taiwan-Indonesia Research Center National Taipei University (NTPU), (3) Ir. Hidayat Yorianta Sasaerila, M.Sc., Ph.D, Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology University Al-Azhar Indonesia (UAI) and (4) Dr. Manik Sunuantari, M.Sc, Head of Master Degree of Communication Department, University Al-Azhar Indonesia (UAI).

The four speakers then provide material related to their respective campuses. Like Professor Chen, he shared a lot of experiences about teaching at AUT, including trivial things like the environment in Taiwan. He also emphasized that the rising tension of China to Taiwan also did not dampen the security of local and international students in Taiwan.

Ir. Hidayat brought material about the challenges to create a better future for humankind while having the mega problem of humanity. Climate change, energy and food crisis, environmental degradation are several examples of them. In the end, he also talked about development of the Faculty of Science and Technology of UAI, accompanied by a variety of new breakthroughs as a contribution to the world of science.

Dr. Shih as the next speaker talked about how Taiwan via NTPU and TIUL (Taiwan-Indonesia Research Center) are trying to give their contribution in the urban environment field. TIUL is also collaborating with UAI and Badan Informasi Geospasial (BIG) to reach a wider scope so they could raise awareness for more people.

Lastly, Dr. Manik as the fourth speaker promoted Master Degree of Communication UAI and the upcoming Cultural Camp Program. This program was planned to be held in the beginning of 2023, and Dr. Manik also personally invited Professor Chen and Dr. Shih so AUT and NTPU students could join. The event was then closed with a photosession and a placard presentation session for each keynote speaker as a form of appreciation for their time, attendance and material. (FA)

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