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Prof. Dr. Jimly Asshiddiqie, SH

Drs. Mas'adi Sulthani, MA

Dr. Fuad Bawazir, MA

Drs. Rostian Syamsuddin

Drs. Muhammad Nazif, SE, MBA.

Head of Foundation

Secretary of Foundation

Member of Foundation

Member of Foundation

Member of Foundation

H. Muhammad Suhadi, S. Kom

Drs. H. Budiyono, M.Pd.

Dr. Ir. Ahmad Husin Lubis, M.Sc.

Dr. Shobahussurur, MA.

Drs. H. Ono Ruhiana, M.Pd.

Muhammad Teguh Kriswanto Bambang Kurnia Alam, SE.

General Chairman

Chairman of Primary and Secondary Education

Chairman of Division of Higher Education, Training and Development

Chairman of Da'wah and Social Affairs



Dr. Muhammad Anwar Ratnaprawira, MA.


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