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“The Prospects Of Learning Arabic Manuscripts Will Certainly Bring An Abundance Of Joy To Muslims In Indonesia” Expressed Rector Of UAI

“The prospects of learning Arabic Manuscripts will certainly bring an abundance of joy to Muslims in Indonesia” Expressed Rector of UAI

Renowned for its excellent Arabic Literature education service, University Al-Azhar of Indonesia (UAI) is still determined to augment its Arabic Literature majoring quality, in its bid for internationalization. To attain its internationalization objectives and increasing its education quality, UAI and The Institute of Arabic Manuscripts are discussing cooperation possibilities, facilitated by The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Egypt, Prof. Bambang Suryadi Ph.D as the Attache of Education and Culture.

The deliberation was held at November 22, 2021 through online means, the discussion was participated by relevant Vice Rectors, Deans and Directors of UAI, whilst the consideration was spearheaded by Dr. Mourad Al-Rifi as the Director of The Institute of Arabic Manuscripts and Rector of UAI, Prof. Dr. Ir. Asep Saefuddin, M.Sc. Dr. Mourad touched on the cooperation prospects such as seminars, workshops, joint research and publication, Arabic manuscripts translated to Indonesia and relayed to Indonesian Academics, Researchers and etc. Moreover, scholarships to study in The Institute of Arabic Manuscripts in the field of Arabic Manuscripts.

The scholarship opportunities are not limited to UAI students, other universities can also apply for the scholarships, thus, UAI will be the gatekeeper of opportunities for other universities to reach to. Last but not least, joint digitalization of Arabic Manuscripts that can be compiled in UAI website. To commemorate the delightful dawn of collaboration between two parties, The Institute of Arabic Manuscripts will gift 120 printed Arabic manuscripts that will be sent to UAI via KBRI Cairo (Prof. Bambang)

Embracing the open arm and good will of Dr. Mourad, Prof. Asep thoroughly appreciated Dr. Mourad amiable gesture and conveyed that ” We Indonesian Muslim are in the dark on Arabic Manuscripts on Islamic scientific literatures, civilizations and cultures, although we are the biggest Muslim countries in the world. Therefore the prospects of finally able to learn and read this losts manuscripts will certainly bring an abundance of joy to Muslims in Indonesia and will be welcomed with an open arm”.

Afterwards, the discussion come to a close with a closing prayer carried out by Head of Office of International Affairs of UAI, Mr. Mohamad Ghozali Moenawar, Lc., M.M.


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